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With many years of business ownership and various operational skills, we believed we had a greater need and understanding for a “Work Life Balance” with a Minimalist approach to living in mind, we decided to embark on a unique concept which converged both our passions for the love of Coffee, Community based connections, Travel, Sense of Freedom / Flexibility and most importantly, to create a working environment to leave an ever lasting memory or Life Experience (as we like to call it) for both ourselves and everyone we cross paths with, so this is where ESPRESSO79 was born!

Utilising our local relations of quality, trusted and respected brands with-in Australia, we forged our own unique business model to support our love of travel, connections with new & familiar like minded people and to provide support to local communities through our requirements and needs on our traveling / working journey.

ESPRESSO79 is a custom built Toyota LandCruiser 79 series, which we have chosen to use, due to it being an icon usually known to be the “unbreakable farm Truck” that is loved by all Aussies for not only being one of the best work horses in the motor vehicle industry, but a tuff and rugged Tourer. This choice of vehicle also provided us the opportunity to collaborate with some of Australia’s best known manufactures and installers to showcase their products as we travel our land and assist in providing our experience, support and knowledge to others on there behalf, throughout our beautiful country!

Going Green

Being told that a mobile Espresso unit had to run either on a Generator, Gas, 240v or Diesel, we thought that things needed to change and went into the design process with one vision insight…. “To ensure we could be completely – Self Sufficient” with a large power plant that consists of Solar and Lithium Power to drive the whole operation for when we are Off-Grid, at Camps Ground, Events & private functions which aids in ensuring  your surroundings aren’t disturbed with loud noise and providing the ultimate peaceful experience with your next cup. 

Taste & Experience