Precision GS1 Filter Grinder


This sleek gloss black Precision GS1 Filter grinder has a stylish finish with a light weight compact design that allows it to fit into any kitchen or Caravan meaning perfect for your daily coffee brewing needs.


The Precision GS1 is the ideal filter grinder. Designed to fit in to any kitchen or mobile RV space this compact grinder suits all types of filter coffee. The 65mm Ghost burrs make quick work from a bag of beans or you can grind fresh on demand every time with ease. This grinder really is tiny but comes with all the outstanding features you see from the team at Precision Grinders.

The grinder can be activated by either using the push button on the front of the grinder (hands-free) or the switch on the rear (Manual Grind). The GS1 comes with a gloss black finish.

Ideal for: Home Filter Brewers who have a penchant for the ideal filter grinder at an affordable cost. Cafe’s with a Batch Brew offering.


Stepped grind adjustment — 10 Stepped Settings to change between the grind as you need to adjust the extraction rate.

Ghost Burr Grinding — Grinding with Ghost Burrs creates a more consistent particle size resulting in a cleaner and sweeter cup of coffee.

Two ways to activate grinding — Turn it on from the side – or make use of the hands free push button under the grinder.

Dosing Cup — Grind in to the cup and easily flip into your portafilter to minimise waste.

Small Footprint, Big Grinder — This grinder could slip easily away or by the side of another appliance and not take up much space at all. Quiet grinding and big burrs make quick work of your grinding needs.


  • Precision GS1 Filter Grinder
  • 150g Stainless Steel Dosing Cup


BurrsGhost | 65mm Filter
Power220-240v | 150 W
Dimensions(W)120 (D)190 (H)380


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